Top 4 Best Practices Behind Asset Management

Generally speaking, best practices are guidelines that represent the best or most efficient course of action for a particular situation in a particular type of business. Best practices for asset management companies require a multi-layered approach involving not only performance suitable to each client’s specific needs but also in an open and transparent manner. Primior Management endeavors to maintain the highest possible standards in providing our clients the results that best suit their investment goals.


Our advisors work diligently to maintain the necessary technical knowledge, competency, and education. We maintain a reliable investment process, provide reasonable recommendations, and continually monitor and control investment expenses. Where necessary or upon request, we can explain and justify our processes.


We recognize the importance of a positive client experience and realize it begins with communication. Our goal is to ensure everything is clear to the client, which includes an open and clear dialogue, as well as putting important notices and disclosures in writing. We believe it is essential to be clear about costs. Any and all fees and investment expenses paid by the client are made known prior to investing, on an ongoing basis, and any time upon request.


A fiduciary is a person who owes to another the duties of good faith and trust. We take that responsibility seriously. We vigorously try to avoid conflicts, seek to minimize unavoidable ones, and get informed consent where necessary. We work to avoid as much as possible third-party payments and commissions that are not minimal.


In our commitment to living up to our own best practices statement and otherwise maintaining our clients’ confidence, we affirm these standards in clear, concise, and unambiguous writings.

We understand investors have many options in choosing where they place their money and trust. Primior will always put our clients’ needs first and work tirelessly to achieve their individualized financial goals. We welcome the opportunity to review your situation and suggest a potential course of action.

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