Investment Management

Real Estate Development

Primior development funds offer investments in carefully selected individual properties with a timeframe of three to five years. Projects are chosen based on a thorough analysis of potential financial return, feasibility, possible risks and a sound exit strategy.

End-to-End Capabilities

We have a talent for finding locations with strong potential that others may have overlooked. Often starting from scratch on vacant land, we determine the best type of project for that location and develop a preliminary prospectus.

We also structure agreements to purchase the land while pursuing tenants and letters of intent. At the same time, we address other aspects such as site planning, approvals from local entities for entitlements, and financing.

Location, Location, Location
Right Place. Time. Project.
Average 15% annualized return

Projects Fully Prepared

The result is a project ready to proceed before we open the fund for investment, which means minimal risk for the investor.

We focus on stable exit strategies as well. Typically, we have already engaged a buyer for the property before purchasing it. Most real estate investment trusts seek out high-value properties, and ours align well with their acquisition criteria.

Returns on Primior development projects often exceed 20% return on investment on an annualized basis.

Vertically Integrated

Another core Primior advantage is our vertically integrated model. Our in-house team can handle architectural design, construction management, property management, acquisition and financing. This approach enables us to work more efficiently, shorten overall development times, reduce costs and further mitigate risk.

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