Integrated Services

Leasing Services

In addition to property management, Primior can provide fast and reliable leasing services. We utilize a variety of marketing channels to efficiently lease out properties to tenants. Those include the major listing sites and targeted digital advertising as well as social media advertising campaigns.

Screenings and Showings

Beyond listing and marketing, we also handle tenant screening and property showings. We may also run a competitive analysis in the area to demonstrate the attractiveness of an offering based on a variety of factors such as location and amenities.
Tenant Screening Criteria
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    Business & Personal Credit Report
  • null
    Corporation Filings
  • null
    Business Financial Review
  • null
    Bankruptcies Search
  • null
    Reference Verification
  • null
    Criminal Record Search

Contract Expertise

Once interest is expressed, we draft all the paperwork and documentation. Our staff is highly trained in reading, understanding and writing contracts. This expertise is a major advantage for owners versus trying to handle their own leases using documents found online. As just one example, not understanding local tenant laws can have serious repercussions later.

We use thoroughly vetted contract forms that are updated regularly by a third-party panel of attorneys and real estate advisors. Our goal is to protect owners from liabilities associated with situations like damage by tenants or evictions when necessary. These contracts also provide important protections for tenants as well.

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