Integrated Services

Investment Banking

Our in-house loan officers are trained in how to read and understand the intricacies of loans. Grasping the variations in fees, points and interest rates can be both a science and an art form. This expertise can be particularly critical in situations when there could be applications going out to 100 different lending institutions. Even routine loans can require up to 30 applications.

Lending Options

You can look to Primior for direct, hard money financing. On the other hand, if the parameters of the loan fall outside of our preferred lending options, we can find an alternate lender for you as well. These kinds of loans, often referred to as bridge financing, are typically of a short-term nature and sometimes used on the way to a conventional loan or for construction financing.




Hard Money

Structured Finance


An Integrated Approach

As with any of our services, the integrated nature of our overall offering enables us to assist in other areas such as construction management on a property for which we are providing the loan financing or brokerage when a sale is desired. The bottom line is that we have a vested interest in making sure each property we’re involved with is successful.

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