Integrated Services

Development Management

Primior development management resources span the entire process. It often begins with land acquisition including the proposal, the acquisition itself and the entitlement process, then managing the architectural design and construction of the building.

A Step-by-Step Approach


Attractive Property

First comes identifying an attractive piece of property. Is it for sale? Is it not for sale? Are you looking for an off-market deal? Is it zoned properly?


Entitlements and approvals

Next comes entitlements and approvals. This process can be quite involved, require in-depth communication with the city, and take months or even years. Key considerations include potential rezoning or variances, conditional and actual use permits, utility access and approvals, easements and roads.


Comprehensive Resources

Once this complex set of requirements is adequately addressed, we can then help move through the entire project including design, construction management, selection of contractors, and monitoring timetables and budgets.

Development Management

It takes a highly skilled and experienced team to effectively manage complex projects. Our goal is to guide you through the decision-making process and manage each step to help you achieve high value for your investment.

What Is Development Management?


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