Integrated Services

Asset & Property Management

An effective and trusted property management partner is essential to maintaining and increasing the value of a property as well as attracting happy, long-term tenants. We will ensure that those routine, day-to-day requirements are handled professionally, including timely collection of rent; upkeep, maintenance and repairs; and lawn care and landscaping.

Access and Fast Response

As the interface with tenants, we provide 24/7 phone access so tenants and owners can call anytime day or night to reach a live person. If it’s an emergency, we’ll get a plumber, electrician or other service provider on the job ASAP. If the request isn’t urgent, we respond first thing the next morning.

Commercial Expertise

On the commercial side, we are experts in multi-tenant properties. That includes common situations with various tiers of rent as well as handling the increased demands for maintenance and repairs. We are also very familiar with commercial leases with base rents plus pro-rated common area maintenance (CAM) shared expenses as well as triple-net leases.

Accounting Resources

For commercial properties, we can provide all accounting and tax records to your accounting department or CPA firm. For example, at the end of the year, you’ll know how much rent was collected and what your expenses have been including those that can be written off as a business expense.






Asset Management

Asset management extends property management a step further. We’ll help you take full advantage of a property’s value through a holistic approach that encompasses many of our other services. Is it time to refinance? Leverage equity to purchase additional properties? Time to sell? Take advantage of incentives for solar power or energy efficient lighting?

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