Integrated Services

Architecture Design

We offer exceptional architectural design services to deliver projects that are both thoughtful and successful. And we work collaboratively to deliver strong benefits for the surrounding community as well as for tenants and investors.

From Start to Finish

At Primior, we can address the full scope of projects. The process can start with our in-house architects and draftsmen, who can handle everything from A to Z in both residential and commercial, including initial conceptual design all the way to construction documents.

We also can apply our extensive experience in a broad range of market segments, both residential and commercial, including medical, laboratory testing and industrial.

Our services span all aspects of architecture and design:
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    Scope of Function, Use, Traffic and Capacity
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    Access and Egress
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    Specialty/Technical Facilities
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    Safety Requirements
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    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
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    Aesthetics and Culture
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    Plans, Renderings and Models

Ahead of the Game

We can even get a step ahead of the game with our commercial real estate agents to help find the optimum site for a project, including location, size and any other desired parameters. And we can handle brokering the site for sale when the time comes.

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