How Primior is Changing The Game in Luxury Real Estate

If you’re in the market to build a custom luxury home, you’ve probably stumbled across a dozen different construction firms, not knowing which one can best meet your needs. In today’s market, finding a company that can build you a pretty good custom home isn’t enough. If you’re going to invest in a custom luxury home, it’s important that you not only use the best but that you ensure the home you do build will grow in value over time.

Primior Construction is a premier residential full-service development company in Southern California, creating dream homes high above all industry standards. They are a skilled and experienced team of builders who are passionate about what they do. Where other firms just build homes, Primior offers their clients much more.

Primior is Redefining Quality

Over the last ten years, Primior was grown into one of the largest privately held businesses in Los Angeles County. With over 260 projects finished, they have perfected the art of luxury homebuilding. Their skilled and experienced team only works with the best craftsmen, contractors, and designers in Southern California. With homes constructed in San Marino, Arcadia, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Newport Coast, many of their projects have incorporated some of the latest design and architecture trends around.

Truly Full-Service From Start To Finish

Unlike most construction firms, Primior also offers a truly full-service homebuilding experience. That means that when they build a home, they’ll partner with you—all the way from your initial consultation until when your new home in finished. Primior also utilizes the latest technology in 3D modeling to help every client thoughtfully customize each aspect of their new home.

Their Homes Grow Wealth

Primior is not just a regular development company. Where other firms just build homes, Primior want’s to help you grow your wealth in the process. Since 2003, Primior has invested more than $90 million in acquisitions and other capital expenditures and have managed millions more in real-estate assets. Aside from being master home builders, they are also experienced investors. In today’s investment market, no one wants to find just a good real-estate deal the promises an average return. Partnering with a team that has made it their mission to continuously assess the relative attractiveness of almost every real-estate investment opportunity in the market it no small thing. It can make the difference between just building a luxury custom home or one that also secures your financial future.

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