4 Qualities Every Architect Should Have

Designing a custom home is complicated task. It takes a certain kind of person with a distinct skillset to take another person’s vision of their perfect home and bring it to life. Having the right architect is a crucial step on your journey towards building the perfect luxury home. That’s why we made a list of the four most important qualities to look for an architect.

Quality One: Passion

First and foremost, an architect should be passionate about what they do as well as about your home. An unpassionate architect dreads their work. And this negative attitude can be contagious. It can turn an already complex process into a building quagmire. Finding a passionate architect will ensure that that the design process won’t only go smoothly, it will also be enjoyable. Even when you find the home building process stressful, you can rest soundly knowing that you’re architect is working hard to fulfill your dream.

Quality Two: Listener

Aside from passion, an architect should also be an effective listener and learner. Working with someone who never does what you ask can very irritating. A unresponsive architect can also make the design process extremely stressful. Also, if they do a poor job understanding your desires and wants, it will reflect in the finished product. Only an architect that can truly listen can take the exact image of your idea and bring it to life.

Quality 3: Experience

Another quality an architect should have is field and book experience. Both are crucial and can be critical in getting the design you want. Hiring an architect with just classroom experience can result in poor construction skills. And hiring an architect with just field experience can result in poor innovative skills. Having both will ensure that the person working on your luxury home knows the construction process just as well as they can design.

Quality 4: Reliability

A qualified architect is an architect that is fast and consistent. Nothing is worse than when you have everything ready on your end to move forward, but the architect is slow to communicate and does not follow through on the established timeline. It’s easy for an unreliable architect to lengthen the design process. Hiring someone who is timely and consistent goes a long way to ensure the design process is a success. Building a custom luxury home takes team effort. It requires a skilled and visionary group of designers and builders who are passionate about what they who and are committed to the needs and wants of the client. Once you know who to choose the right architect with the right qualities, you’ll be well on your way to having the home you’ve always wanted.

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